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GDR is a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer driven dog rescue dedicated to adult, senior and hospice aged retriever and sporting breed dogs that for whatever reason, are suddenly left homeless, scared, and without options.  Dawgs in our care are placed in local foster homes and receive all the necessary vet care, and when needed, hospice and long term medical care.  All the while, these great Labrador  & Golden Retrievers, Pyrenees etc. spend quality time with one of our fantastic foster families who love them as their own. 

For the last 10+ years, we have been working with the same great bunch of volunteers whose focus has always been helping these beautiful animals find homes, comfort, and a very happy forever-after in our community. 



Besides helping adult and senior dawgs find homes, we have come on strong with our Almost Home Program that provides medical and hospice care for those dawgs with end of life conditions.

The great thing about this program is that we can focus on the great life we can give these beautiful old animals vs allowing them to die alone and unloved in the shelters. Life lesson number one is that we wouldn't know true love if we didn't feel pure sorrow...which is the precious gift this program gives us with every life we help save. Tough gig for sure, but very well worth it.


Changing the face of adoption thru rescue is our Foster To Love Program, where adopting a dawg can be re-defined by opening your home to foster, then finding love. You see, dawgs are usually placed thru an application where the family is asked what they want by color, age or gender, etc. As we all know, true love can't and shouldn't be defined by what we think looks good on paper, but by what touches our hearts. We feel that by putting your self last in the adoption process, it helps motivate the true meaning of rescue...which is charity, love, humility, and hope. Then, by simply fostering a dawg, we can determine if the dawg can be placed with you, another family, or in one of our GDR Programs. Either way, it's a win win for everyone!!


Lastly, we proudly introduce our Home, Hospital & Hospice Help Program, where our aim is to help folks who are sick and in need of getting day to day help to maintain the wellness of their dawgs while they are unable to. These patients will be referred to us by their hospice nurses and social workers who see the daily stress of ill or terminally ill patients that have no options for the short or long term care of their pets.

We are in the process of having a Living Wish of sorts for all of us who love our animals and wish to allow friends or family to love them after we pass. As blunt as this is, we have seen it time and time again where very loved dawgs are suddenly left homeless due to us humans never having a thought about providing for their care when a tragedy happens in our lives. We hope one day this kind of Wish will be common place and standard protocol  in every humans' Will or Trust. 




Short Note from the Founder of GDR:


Thru many years of working in rescue, the one sentence that has always stood out to me was …”he’s a great dog but….” This came from all angles in rescue, either from the shelter folks, the family surrendering him, or the people placing their dogs on Craigslist. The ’but’ could mean allergies, moving, new baby, new job, new wife or simply not wanting the dawg at all. I was always amazed and disappointed that so many dogs were given up for no other reason other than not being convenient, or perfect, or just getting on in their years. But then I realized thru rescue that ALL these dawgs are great, and there are great families, great volunteers and great vets that believe as much as I do that we can work a little harder, and help turn it around for them. 

It is completely obvious to me and everyone else in GDR that they are ALL Great Dawgs, and if no one else wants them, then we will make it our mission to give them shelter, love, patience, medical care and make sure they will be with someone who does.


And so Great Dawg Rescue was born….

Go Great Dawg!!!


Laura Ortiz

Founder & Volunteer for GDR



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