PLEASE NOTE: As of 2017, We are no longer adopting dawgs, but rather, finding homes for adult to senior dawgs that have no reason for being in a shelter other than being old.

We will be re designing our 'Adoption Process' to reflect our new direction for our rescue, so please check back if you are interested in good 'ol dawg love!!


Welcome to the world of Great Dawg Rescue!! We are thrilled to have a fabulous group of hardworking volunteers whose focus is saving great Labrador Retrievers in the Volusia/Flagler area, and placing them in their forever homes right here in our community. There are always wonderful Labradors in shelters looking for a home like yours that come in all ages, colors, sexes and sizes…yet they are all looking for the same thing: Love, devotion, and companionship. It is our mission to make that very special and emotional process happen, and be with you every step of the way. :)


GDR is a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer driven dog rescue dedicated to retriever and senior sporting breed dogs, specializing in Labrador Retrievers. We are committed to rescuing Labradors left homeless for whatever reason, Golden Retrievers in local shelters who are at high risk for euthanasia, Labrador Retrievers no longer wanted by their owners, and those that have lived with being physically abused and emotionally neglected. Dawgs in our care are spayed/neutered, receive all vet care that is necessary, and if needed, work with a trainer or behaviorist to receive additional training. All the while, these great Labrador Retrievers spend quality time with one of our fantastic foster families who treat them just like their own. The time the labs spends with the foster family is priceless, and allows us the opportunity to choose the absolute best family for each dawg. 


We are eager to follow thru with various programs in our community, from monthly dawg walks on local trails to placing some great dawgs with some very deserving veterans. We are also placing hard to adopt senior dawgs in kind and gentle homes with our Almost Home project. We have so many great ideas, but as always, need as many great and committed volunteers in our community to keep it going. If you want to get out and start helping your community in some way, and Labrador Retriever's are your thing, PLEASE think about working with us. We’d love to see you at one of our events or chat with you about the possibilities of helping us in GDR.


As always, we promote the very special bond that happens when a Labrador Retriever is rescued and placed with the absolute best family for its needs. Throughout the life of a Great Dawg, we continue to encourage and promote that bond thru education, awareness, and community outreach. Ultimately, we encourage and support ‘paying it forward’ by showing how rescuing just one dawg can become a positive force in a person, family, and a community.



Short Note from the Founder of GDR:


Thru many years of working in rescue, the one sentence that has always stood out to me was …”he’s a great dog but….” This came from all angles in rescue, either from the shelter folks, the family surrendering him, or the people placing their dogs on Craigslist. The ’but’ could mean allergies, moving, new baby, new job, new wife or simply not wanting the dawg at all. I was always amazed and disappointed that so many dogs were given up for no other reason other than not being convenient, or perfect, or just getting on in their years. But then I realized thru rescue that ALL these dawgs are great, and there are great families, great volunteers and great vets that believe as much as I do that we can work a little harder, and help turn it around for them. 

It is completely obvious to me and everyone else in GDR that they are ALL Great Dawgs, and if no one else wants them, then we will make it our mission to give them shelter, love, patience, medical care and make sure they will be with someone who does.


And so Great Dawg Rescue was born….

Go Great Dawg!!!


Laura Ortiz

Founder & Volunteer for GDR



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