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Almost Home Program

Even those of us in rescue know that not all great dawgs can be rehomed, so we have  started a new program to seek out homes with the special gift of providing love, shelter and dignity to those extra special dawgs. Dawgs considered for this program are usually elderly and feeble, the ones who can't see or hear, the ones with no fur or teeth...the ones ALWAYS passed over for adoption in high kill shelters who have no business being there in the first place. These dawgs will not be put up for adoption, only given the promise of a local family who will provide a warm bed, a couple yummy meals a day, and the fun of living out their time with someone very special who will show them love and tenderness until the end. GDR will provide all medical care and costs, including monthly prescriptions, supplements, beds, leashes, goodies, and food ...all we ask is the gift of a home be donated to these Great Dawgs.


This program relflects both sides of a Great Dawg being Almost Home in more ways than one, and we couldn't be more honored to provide for their care in exchange for the honor of their prescence in our lives. 


If you'd like to donate or open your home to this program, all and any help is eagerly needed and appreciated!!

RIP Trudy 9/10/18

Trudy was in kidney failure when the shelter asked if we could take her home and keep her comfortable. Little did we know that she would stick around for over a year and give us so many life lessons, and for that we will never stop loving her. We know she is out of pain now, but still miss her 'smile' every day.


Talk about darling...let's talk abut Bindi Sue! This poor girl has been hit with the bad health stick for sure, but remains one of the sweetest, funniest, happiest labs in the world! She has no tear ducts which have left her needing constant lubrication, she has diabetes, she has mobility issues, she's incontinent, and she has a super sensitive stomach which makes her hard to tolerate meds. Yet she carries on and makes us laugh every day!

Beautiful Mocha has been thru so much, we thought it would be wonderful just to let her live furever with us and finally get all the love and attention she needs. She had been hit by a car, left at a high kill shelter, pulled by a rescue, adopted to a family, then abandoned once again in her old age.

Poor Holly was so behind in her home care from her previous family that we had a lot of medical care to catch up on. First we had to see her thru the removal of all her malignant mammory tumors, then we had to go in again and spay her. Both were brutal, but she made it thru smiling, and now will live out her cancer diagnosis with her ever loving foster family.

Topper is our miracle child!! When our local shelter removed his eye, they failed to follow thru with removing any more of the mass, biopsying it, or reaching out to he just sat for a few more months until we saw him in an outdoor pen.  Sadly, we were too late to stop the growth from spreading and growing, so our vets said to just let him live, and boy has he!! He recently made it to his 1 year anniversay and is trucking right along!

Sweet Mia has gotten so much stronger and happier since we grabbed her out of harms way, and she will continue to live the good life with us and enjoy all the rewards from having a wonderful furever foster family ... and anything else she ever needs.

Toby!!! What can we say about our superstar! After we had all those pesky pendulous tumors removed and he's getting some cold laser therapy for his hips, we are sure he'll be seeing his 15th birthday with us in Sept. 19!

Lobo was on his way to be euthanized by his people when the caring folks at the shelter called us to come get him. So we did, and have loved on him ever since! He is loud, funny, and will stick his nose right there to say hello...what else could you want from a big 'ol chocolate lab?!

RIP Cali


Cali is an old sweet gal who came to us from an animal confiscation case, and has been one of our greatest rescue stories. At 49 lbs she was already underweight, yet we had a 10pd tumor removed from her belly, which unfortunately turned out to be cancerous. So now she is in her final stages of chemo to lessen the spread of her cancer, and although her life with us is limited, it is certainly not less precious. She is living with the family who has seen her thru the worst, and is now privelaged to see her thru the best time of her life. 


Sweet Gracie came to us from our friends in Savannah, GA after being taken to many specialists to see how they could help her. But in the end, the heartworms that she's carried for so long have left her to live with congestive heart failure, which means we can't spay her and we can't remove the tumor from her spleen. But what we can do is treat her HW topically and spoil her with love, soft beds, a crazy house filled with other old labs, and the best vet care we can provide.

Big Max is a great big beautiful chocolate boy who really is afraid of his own shadow, which caused deep seated behavioral issues that we just couldn't help him with. So his wonderful foster offered her home and her family to take care of this special needs boy, so he wouldn't have to worry about the boogey man for the rest of his life.


Abigail spent her entire life having babies, and was left at the shelter near deaths door with every imaginable medical issue related to over breeding. We are taking care of her health issues day by day, and giving her as much love and attention that she gave her babies all her's her time now! 

RIP Sweet Pea 9/22/18


Cute as a button, don't ya think?!Sweet Pea came all naked and without an ounce of extra fur of flesh, but has blossemed into the sweetest old gal ever. Due to her older age, we are respecting her wishes and keeping her in the foster home that took such good care of her, and has fallen so deeply in love with her black tounge and bossy ways!

RIP Sammie 1/29/2016


Sammie is our first Almost Home dawg and quite the Ambassador for our program!!

He was an awful mess when he came to his foster home from the shelter, where he was pulled him from a home where drugs were manufacuted and abuse was obvious. Since the first day we had him we didn't look back and did all the basics with freqeunt baths, lots of meds, great food and a warm comfy bed. Once he got past the medical, we showered him with love and affection and boy did he BLOOM!

The first day he stuck his head out the window on a drive to the vet was awesome, and when he got well enough to go on AM walks with his foster brothers we knew he had rounded the corner of his overall recovery.

We have learned the lessons of humility all over again with Sammie, and are honored and amazed by his sweet prescence every day we have him. 

We love you Sammie!!

UPDATE: Sammie has made it to his 1 year anniversay...YAYYYYYYY!!


Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our precious and brave Sammie who showed us so much in the short time he was with us. We miss you every day in every way, and as always, wish we could have saved your sooner. GODSPEED SammieMan.

RIP Cindi 2016


Cindi has been in our Almost Home Program for just over a month now, and is doing incredibly well. She was so hobbled with pain and discomfort when we first took her home from the shelter that it was uncomfortable to see her attempt to walk. But now, she is feeling much spunkier in her forever foster home with great food and meds to help her bones free up and allow movement back in her life! Foster dad also said she is enjoying her short walks and occasional dips in the pool....we hope she has the best time of her while she's with us, and as always, it is our pleasure to watch her bloom.


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