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We currently accept  both credit card and PayPal donations thru PayPal. This button may be found on the Home page of our website, and on the Donate Now Button on the front page ofour FB page. You can kindly make a one time donation for a specific dawg in need, or you can set up monthly payments to support our long term efforts. Either way, we are hugely appreciative of any donation and as always, will make sure it goes directly to the care and need of our Great Dawgs.


In addition to taking online donations, you may also make a direct donation by mailing a check directly to our PO Box.  A receipt suitable for tax purposes will always be mailed to the address provided.

Please mail direct donations to:

Great Dawg Rescue

PO Box 1886

Ormond Beach, FL 32175

Meet Some of Our Volunteers!!

Or Become One Yourself!!

If you are up to a challenge, love dawgs, and play nice with humans, please consider applying to help GDR .

Volunteer Application
GDR Volunteer App Feb2015 Rev0.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [970.5 KB]

Jenna Hoskin is a long time rescue volunteer and one of the original founders of GDR. I remember the day she came to me at an event wanting to help, and her mother telling her how committed and how serious a pledge this would be to the labradors in need. Shortly after that, she started and continued to volunteer at a very high level, and is always excited to plan an event or help find an emergency foster for a dawg in need. Much thanks Jenna, from me and ALL the dawgs you've helped rescue!!!

Ben Hedrick has been hitting the rescue pavements with me for as long as I've been able to live the dream of saving dawgs, and is the main supporter of GDR! He's a BIG fan of any rescue effort, and has always been more than generous with his emotional and financial support for any dawg in need of medical care. He sleeps with sick dawgs, makes sure they get their meds every 3-4 hours thru the night, and spends extra time in his Jeep Garage with all our special needs dawgs. Couldn't do it without him!!!

Trish & Brian Kent have fostered so many labs, many of them very sick with Heartworm and less a limb or two, that they have unfortunately lost count!! They are a great team for our rescue, always taking extra time and care to asses the dawg medically and emotionally, and always making an outstanding choice when it comes to picking the right family for their dawgs. They are top-notch human beings, and their hearts are truly in rescue for all the right reasons. Love you both, go Team Kent!!!

Here is Ken Gistedt, huge volunteer and huge lab lover!! We met Ken and his wife Lynn a few years ago when they adopted a dawg and wished that they would end up helping us one day, and it finally happened!! Ken first offered to transport for GDR by criss crossing the state and picking up labs from outlying shelters, taking them to the vet, then making sure they were cozy in their foster homes. Then one day he and Lynn offered to foster when ther were no more open spots in our rescue, and its been a great run from there!! 

Ken and Lynn are always super excited and happy to help, and always have their hearts in the right exact places for rescue. They are easy to work with and know how to make us humans and all the dawgs feel really good about what we do. We are super lucky to have them on our team, and so are the dawgs!!

See that cute little blonde lady in the background, that's our Sharon Genereaux, volunteer and friend extrodinaire! She's been in and out of the trenches with us for years, and has opened her home to many many foster dawgs and introduced her husband and 2 great kids into the world of fostering and all the great stuff it brings. She is first to volunteer for events, and is a great voice in the community for GDR. 

We're sure happy she has found time in her crazy schedule to help the dawgs she loves, and thrilled that she loves doing what she does as much as the rest of us crazy dawg lovers!!

I couldn't be prouder to be a part of GDR and work with all my favorite people, or as we call ourselves, family. We have all been thru so much with each other, are always there for each other, and ultimately, created a great rescue for the Labrador Retrievers that we are so desperately devoted to saving. 

May we flourish and conquer in the name of Great Dawg Rescue, and I very much look forward to what we can accomplish for the Labs, Goldens, and other large sporting breeds in our community. May doors continue to open and our family continue to grow...all for the sake of Great Dawgs everywhere. -Laura Ortiz.

Honorable Mention: Dan Lowry has been a very big fan of the 'critters' for as long as he's lived. He is the one who never says no to a dawg in need, whether he has 1 or 4 extra dawgs at his beach home. He is always there for emotional support and knows when I have to be talked off the ledge, or just to slow down and spend some time with my own family. He is just awesome and one of my dearest friends, and I know GDR can count on him for whatever backup he can offer. Thanks Delvis!!

Contact us about our Dawgs... or Click PayPal link to donate and help our Dawgs... THANK YOU!!! 

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